Concurrent session speakers

This information and the sessions they will be leading are contained in the full program.

Aponte-de-Hanna, Cecilia / Cecilia teaches at Seneca College (EAP, College English, and a self-developed course in language diversity) and also supplies for the YRDSB. With a background in theatre and video, Cecilia is passionate about incorporating 21 century literacies into her lessons – a methodology she adopted while completing her M.A. at York University.

Bartel, Joan / With an M.A. in Language Teaching and Career Counselling certificates, Joan Bartel has extensive experience teaching employment-oriented ESL. She developed Office Soft Skills over several years. Having previously published traditionally, she self-publishes this book, now in its 2nd edition. It is used across the GTA (e.g. in OSLT) and the U.S.

Brown, Jeff / Jeff Brown holds an MA and a PhD in Philosophy, a post-graduate certificate in TESL, and is currently pursuing an MA in Applied Linguistics. Over the past 15 years, he has taught at a number of colleges and private schools in the Toronto area. Presently, he teaches EAP at Humber College.

Chauhan, Jagrati / Dr. Jagrati Chauhan currently teaches English for Academic Purposes at York University English Language Institute. She has a PhD in English (Canadian equivalency from University of Toronto), and a Masters in Linguistics and English Language Teaching. She is also an online instructor and senior writer for EduPros.

Ebrahimi, Valiallah / no bio submitted

Galante, Angelica / Angelica Galante is a PhD Candidate in Language and Literacies Education at OISE-UofT. She currently teaches in the EAP program at Niagara College. Her research interests include plurilingualism, critical literacy, and drama in second language education.

Harwood, Chris / Chris Harwood has taught EFL and EAP for over 15 years in Europe and Asia. He is a full-time PhD student and a part-time academic writing and critical reading skills instructor at the University of Toronto. He is currently researching how teacher interventions in online academic discussions affect learning.

Herath, Sreemali / Sreemali Herath teaches EAP at York University English Language Institute (YUELI). She is also in the process of doing her doctoral degree in Second Language Education at OISE, University of Toronto.

Hollett, Vicki / Vicki Hollett is an award winning author of many courses for Oxford University Press and Pearson and a video enthusiast. British by birth, she now lives in Philadelphia in the US where she is learning to speak ‘merican, teaching freelance and making ELT videos for her free Simple English Videos website.

Kandil, Ahmed / Ahmed Kandil is a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto (OISE) and a course instructor at the Department of Language Studies at the UofT Mississauga. Throughout his TESOL career, which started in 1992, Mr. Kandil played the roles of TESOL instructor, curriculum designer, instructional supervisor, and program academic coordinator.

Lachini, Kourosh / Dr. Kourosh Lachini has been teaching English over the past 30 years at different international institutions. He has trained hundreds of teachers and has advised and refereed over a hundred MA theses and PhD dissertations. He has also quality assessed language programs, chaired international TESOL conferences, and peer reviewed hundreds of scholarly articles.

Lackman, Ken / Ken Lackman (B.Ed., DELTA) was the academic director at EF Toronto from 2002 to 2007, and is now working as a freelance teacher trainer and writer. He is a frequent presenter at conferences in Canada and Europe and he offers workshops open to all ESL teachers at English Central.

Lupasco, Svetlana / Svetlana is an experienced adult ESL practitioner with a special interest in Adult ESL Literacy (LIFE) Best Practices and teacher training. She enjoys being a connected educator by blogging, tweeting and supporting professional development across Canada.

Luth, Wilma / Wilma Luth, a freelance teacher and teacher trainer, moved back to Ontario in 2012 after teaching for 21 years in a variety of contexts in Japan. She earned her MAT in TESOL from the SIT Graduate Institute, Vermont and has trained teachers in the USA, Costa Rica, and South Korea.

Lynn, Michael / Michael Lynn M.Ed. (TESOL) has over 15 years of ESL teaching experience in eight countries. He has been teaching EAP/ESP courses at the York University English Language Institute for over 5 years. He has presented workshops previously at TESL Canada and TESL Toronto.

Manning, Tracy / Tracy Manning specialises in English for Academic Purposes (EAP) and has taught at a variety of universities in Southeast Asia and Toronto. She currently teaches academic writing and critical reading skills at New College, University of Toronto in the International Foundation Program (IFP) a one year content driven EAP program.

Pattison, Tania / Tania Pattison is a freelance ELT materials writer and editor whose experience includes projects with Pearson, Oxford University Press, the British Council, IATEFL, and more. She is currently working on an EAP textbook; she is also teaching and developing EAP curriculum at Fleming College.

Reynolds, Brett / Brett Reynolds teaches EAP and TESL at Humber College. He also edits TESL Ontario’s Contact magazine.

Sandy, Chuck /Chuck Sandy is a teacher trainer, author, educational activist, and cofounder of the International Teacher Development Institute (iTDi). His publications include Passages, Connect, English for Teachers and most recently English for Scammers: A Manual For Writing Grammatically Correct Persuasive Business Emails. Chuck’s essays about education can be found at

Saumell, Vicky / Vicky Saumell holds a Diploma in the Theory and Methodology of TESOL. She has written and tutors New Learning Environments for the Master’s in ELT at Universidad de La Sabana, Colombia. She is also a freelance author for Pearson and Cambridge University Press. Her recent contributions are to Pearson ELT’s English in Common series.

Servinis, Ellen / Ellen Servinis is Lead Instructor, Academic Listening and Speaking, at the University of Toronto’s International Foundation Program.

Tappenden-Der, Lisa / Lisa Tappenden-Der currently teaches English for Academic Purposes at York University English Language Institute. Lisa has an M.Ed. in Second Language Education from the University of Toronto and has experience teaching English in Toronto and Beijing. Her interests are in curriculum design and multicultural education.

Vercoe, Todd / A graduate of York University and Teachers College, Columbia University, Todd Vercoe has stood in classrooms teaching games and language in Canada and abroad far longer than he likes to admit. A Past-President of the Pusan/Gyeongnam chapter of KoreaTESOL, Todd is responsible for every mistake found at

Warden, Joanna / Joanna is an ESL/EAP instructor who has held a range of positions in both public and private education. She is currently working at the New College IFP Program. She comments on teachable moments inside and outside the classroom in her blog Teacherpants.

Wertheim, Marijke / Marijke Wertheim teaches Methodology of TESOL in the TESOL Certificate Program at Woodsworth College, University of Toronto, and a variety of ESOL courses at the ELP, School of Continuing Studies, UT and at George Brown College.


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