An interview with Jim Scrivener

Curious about Jim’s plenary talk on Day 2? At IATEFL this past April, Jim talks about Demand High a bit in an interview for the conference.

Day 2, closing plenary: Can Teachers Teach? An Introduction to Demand High

Abstract: Contemporary teachers have become mainly classroom managers and operators of materials. This is perhaps a natural outcome of Communicative Approaches – and of much current training – but is it really what we want? We may desire more “learning-centred approaches” but in class much teaching has become ritualised, with organisational tools such as “group discussion” expected to achieve learning goals without any teacher intervention. When I observe lessons nowadays I often see a teacher who does little more than a series of announcements to start up and close down exercises and activities. There is typically a lack of “up-close” teaching skills, no “hands-on” work with language and little or no engagement with the process or experience of learning. Much of traditional “teaching” is devolved to the coursebook. This talk is a meditation on whether current ELT may have painted itself into a corner.

Also during Day 2, you will attend:

  • at least 3 of 25 other sessions covering general ESL, EAP, Teacher Training and Business English
  • a breakfast spread
  • a hot lunch and desserts
  • an Exhibitor Display represented by more than a dozen publishers and distributors

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