Special guest speaker, Vicky Saumell

IMG_0611We are very happy to confirm that Vicky Saumell, Pearson ELT author of English in Common, will be a special guest speaker during the first session of the day at 9:30AM! Read about her talk below:

Guided Discovery for Language Instruction: an implementation framework
New language can be introduced in different ways, and there has been a long standing debate on how to do it best. Most approaches fall within the deductive / inductive classification. Guided Discovery takes the best from both in a way that makes it work for a variety of settings and contexts, and as a tool to introduce different aspects of language at all levels. The purpose of this presentation is to provide theoretical background and a practical 4-step framework for implementation of Guided Discovery, accompanied by examples to see it in use.

Read more about English in Common here.

BioVicky Saumell holds a Diploma in the Theory and Methodology of TESOL. She has written and tutors New Learning Environments for the Master’s in ELT at Universidad de La Sabana, Colombia. She is also a freelance author for Pearson and CUP. 

Thank you, Pearson ELT!


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